Halal Fine Foods is a manufacturer of quality and nutritious frozen food for health care, institutes, retirement and Retail. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions, excellent service & 100% Halal nutritious food products for food service operators and to the entire North American consumers with the finest taste.


What we offer


  • Industry leading manufacturer of Halal Fresh and Frozen Prepared Food Menu Entrees for Retail and Food service.
  • Experts in development and commercialization of proprietary food programs.
  • Skilled in producing flexible Meal solutions options tailored to your business.
  • HACCP Certified, Provincially Licensed and HMA Halal Plant.
  • Strategic Category, Supply Chain and Product Development Culinary partner.

What We Do?

  • Produce fresh and frozen custom Halal products for leading Food Service Operators.
  • Produce Ultra Fresh and Extended Shelf Life products under strictest Quality Control with Laboratory Shelf Life Testing.
  • 6 days production and Multiple delivery options available.
  • Develop and produce value added ingredients that simplify in-store production.
  • Provide end to end fresh solutions with multiple packaging and labeling options.
  • Proven track record of food safety and uninterrupted supply.

Our Company


Our business is developing, manufacturing and packaging frozen “Ready-to-Eat” cooked and uncooked, 100% Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, special diet and ethnic meals that delivers outstanding taste and quality while maintaining the highest level of food safety.

We provide Halal Food Products to institutes, Healthcare, Senior Homes, Big Chain stores and many independent Retailers. Our aim at Halal Fine Foods is to produce and distribute 100% Halal foods to all Muslims around North America with the finest taste.

We partner with our customers to develop unique food concepts and innovations, maximize operational competence and deliver a superior experience to their customers. We seek to maintain strong partnerships and good business relationships with our customers, distributors and suppliers.

Meeting Business Demands

Meeting the demand of the business is the standard objective of our team. Our processes are meticulously designed to not only conform to the industry standard but also to exceed the expectations of our vast clientele.

Menu planning

We design foods with nutrient profiles that are consistent with government recommendations. Our menu planning stage is very flexible and we can work with you to prepare edible provisions that best suit your needs.

Our true understanding of the goals and needs of food service is our business advantage within our competitors. With more than 20 years of experience, our expertise in preparing food is a benefit that our customers enjoy when doing business with us.

New and Innovative Products

Our line is consistently expanding with new and innovative products and we currently have over 60 items in our product portfolio. We exceed our customer’s expectations by using an artisan approach to craft products with only quality ingredients.

Your Valuable Partner

You can trust Halal Fine Foods to add value at every stage because we know our field and believe that We can only grow when you grow. We also believe that nothing is worth doing, if it isn’t done RIGHT and done BIG.

Authentic Halal Products

Providing 100% nutritious food products in Toronto, Ontario
Correctional Institutions

We work with Ontario’s Correctional Institutions in order to provide nutritious and well balanced meals that respect and adhere to Islamic Dietary Laws for individuals in incarceration.

Healthcare Centers

We partner with hospitals, nursing homes and elderly care organizations to ensure that nutritious and 100% halal meals are provided to our Muslim population.

Grocery Stores

Together with our retail partners we strive to deliver nutritious perfectly seasoned, Fresh & Frozen cooked/uncooked and "Ready-to-Eat".


Halal Fine Foods work directly with leading airline catering companies in Ontario to provide passengers with Halal superior culinary and flexible meal solutions.

Food Services

We are the Industry leading manufacturer of Halal Fresh and Frozen Prepared Foods and we produce custom Halal Products for leading Food Service Operators.